Amazing Earth Full HD 1080p, Amazing Documentary

Amazing Earth Full HD 1080p, Amazing Documentary

Published on May 12, 2014
Patrick Stewart narrates a global spectacle that probes oceans and scales mountains to explain our planet's past and present. What you don't know about your planet will thrill, amaze and even frighten you. The facts featured in this video are as startling as they are fascinating. Did you know that each year an average of 18,000 meteorites hit the earth; that it's 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit just four miles below you or that the top of Mount Everest was once part of the ocean floor? Take part in the exciting story of Earth: scoop molten lava from an active volcano. Explore the Moon with Apollo astronauts. Be present at the world's largest subsurface exploration. See Earth's oldest geological artifact – a 3.7 billion-year-old rock in Australia. Discover how Africa and South America split apart millions of years ago. Witness the devastating effects of an earthquake as it happens. Flee from deadly lightning-fast lava flows from an erupting volcano, and much more. Buckle up, you won't believe the power of this amazing earth!

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